Top Ten Reasons to Visit South Africa

What do you enjoy doing when you travel? Of course we love to shop at local markets, try new food and drinks, dance the night away to the countries hottest music, explore the city on foot, meet and have great conversations with locals. Sometimes it might be hard to find everything that you love doing in and around a specific area, but South Africa has it all! Take it from us when we say you have to experience South Africa at some point in your life. Here are our top 10 reasons why you should visit this magical place. 

South Africa is the center for contemporary African Art. From street art, galleries, to museums you can spend your whole time in South Africa taking in a constant feast for your eyes.


South African music will keep your feet dancing and fingers snapping from the moment you touch down until the time you head back home. You will have no choice, but to add this genre of music in your music rotation. 


Looking to put some unique pieces of clothing into your wardrobe? You are sure to find designers who will bring out the best you! From accessories to threads, fashion in South Africa cannot be beaten. 


When a country has a rich musical heritage, a vibrant nightlife is sure to follow. Nationwide you can find everything from Jazz to Hip-hop and house being played in nightclubs literally till the sun comes up. 


Wine has been produced in South Africa for hundreds of years (before Napa was even thought of). Take postcard ready photos in Stellenboch while sipping on some of the world's most unique wines such as Pinotage. Like your drinks a little stiffer? Make sure to try out one of the local brands of spirits such as the award-winning Bain's Cape Whisky.


There is no secret that South Africa still deeply feels the impact of Apartheid but it is amazing to witness the growth of one of the world's most progressive governments. For many of us, the struggle and triumph of Black South Africans will hit home when you learn more about its history!

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Well, actually no tigers and no bears but for many South Africa is their first taste of African nature and wildlife. Experience a true safari in search of Africa's Big 5 or take in spectacular views on top of Table Mountain.

Did you know that the Black Conscious Movement of the 1960s started in South Africa? The spirit of Steve Biko, the movement's leader, can still be felt today especially in the city of Johannesburg. The art, music, fashion, and even food celebrate blackness as an identity. 


We are not kidding when we say bring your fat pants. The culinary delights of this country will have you slowly savoring each bite of your food. Carnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans will all be more than satisfied.

South Africans truly know how to make visitors feel welcomed. From sharing about their culture to wanting to find out more about yours be ready to have some very memorable conversations and maybe even leave with a friend or two!

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