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Emali Vintage Cuff

Emali Vintage Cuff

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Country: Kenya
Tribe: Maasai
Material: Glass Beads and Wire
Height: 3.25-3.5 inches
Circumference: (Small) Approx. 7.5-8.5 inches  (Medium) Approx. 8-9.5 inches
Weight: Approx. 4 oz

This gorgeous hand beaded vintage cuff is over 40 years old and is from the Maasai tribe of East Africa. The Maasai are well known for their traditional handmade beadwork. It is considered the duty of every Maasai woman to learn the jewelry making craft. The beadwork an individual wears will signify their age and social status. Generally individuals of high social standing will wear more colorful and intricate jewelry. The colors used are symbolic and each color has significance to the Maasai.

Red stands for bravery, unity, and blood.
White represents peace, purity, and health.
Blue represents energy and the sky.
Orange symbolizes hospitality.
Yellow like orange also symbolizes hospitality.
Green symbolizes health and land.
Black represents the people and the struggles they endure.



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