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Amandla Earrings

Amandla Earrings

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Country: South Africa
Material: Brass and Sterling Silver Stud
Length: (Small) Approx. 1 inch (Large) Approx. 2 inches 
Width: (Small) Approx. 0.75 inches (Large) Approx. 1.38 inches
Weight: (Small) Approx. 0.1 oz (Large) Approx. 0.2 oz

These beautiful earrings were created by South African jewelry designer, Koketso Mohlala. Her beautiful designs embody South African pride, tradition, and the contemporary world of fashion. Clenched fists are a symbol of power used by oppressed people globally. In the African Diaspora and African continent it is a symbol of black power and pride. In South Africa, when Nelson Mandela left prison after 27 years he shouted to the people “Amandla!” and raised his fist to the crowd. The crowd replied by saying “Ngawethu.” Amandla is the Zulu and Xhosa word meaning “power” and “Ngawethu” means “to the people." These terms, along with the black power fists, were apart of the struggle to end Apartheid in South Africa.



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