Uluthando Necklace

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Country: South Africa
Tribe: Zulu
Material: Beaded necklace and clasp
Length: Approx. 9 in.
Width: Approx. 7 in.
Circumference: Approx. 20.5-22.5 inches
Weight: Approx. 5.5 oz

This necklace is a contemporary take on Zulu love letters or what in Zulu is called Incwadi (pronounced “I-en-che-wadi”). Traditionally, the love letters are small sized squares of beads which convey either positive or negative emotions from a woman to a man. Like other Zulu pieces each color bead used means something different.

Postive Meanings
White   Purity, virginity, faithfulness and true love  
Black   Marriage, regeneration.
Red     Intense love
Blue     Fidelity
Green  Contentment
Yellow  Wealth and fertility

Negative Meanings
Black   Sorrow, despair and death
Red     Anger and heartache 
Blue     Loneliness 
Green   Love sick 
Yellow  Jealousy

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